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IB H2 (HL /SL) Chemistry Home Tuition by MOE Teacher

Are you searching for MOE IB chemistry tuition teacher  for your child? Here you have come to the right place. Over at 121 Tuition Agency we only provide MOE current or former teacher providing individual attention for your child.  All teaching materials and worksheets will be provided as well.

Our 121 Tuition Agency chemistry tuition teacher will cover topics which include Atomic structure. The periodic table- the transition metals, chemical bonding and structure, Thermochemistry/ energetics, Chemical kinetics, Equilibrium, Acids and bases, Redox processes, Organic chemistry, Measurement and analysis

  • Right knowledge and skill
  • Cognitive mind skill for inquiry
  • Tackle experimental based questions
  • Answering technique for application questions
  • Revise fundamentals in chemistry
  • Key chemistry concepts on bonding
  • Tackle more challenging chemistry question
  • Entail interest in the subject
  • Research skills such as comparing, contrasting and prioritizing.
  • Deepen the knowledge in critical thinking and creative thinking.

1 -1 private tuition by MOE teacher covering both the O and A level chemistry is the best choice for your child. Do not wait till last minute.  Every child has only 1 attempt whether at PSLE, O or A level examination.

Come to the Singapore Number 1 tuition agency providing only MOE teachers. Whether current or ex teacher , 121 MOE tutor can provide you the best teacher available.

Engage a MOE current or ex teacher for your child now. 

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Below are the Teacher/Tutor Hourly Rates


Pri 1 to 4Pri 5 to 6Sec 1 /2 / IP/ IGCSESec 3/4 /IP/ IGCSEJC 1 /2 / IB
Current teacher$45 -$60$50 - $80S60 -$90$70 - $100$100 - $160
Ex teacher$40 -$60$45 - $60$50 - $90$60 - $100$ 80 - $160

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