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About Us


121 MOE tutor agency is a registered tuition agency in Singapore. It is managed by a team of experienced and dedicated staff. We have been in this line offering home tuition to parent in the comfort of their home for more than a decade. We provide a free and sincere home tuition to parent searching for MOE school teacher only.


Our MOE teacher offers range of subjects from mathematics and sciences to arts and humanities. We also provide English language tuition for AEIS , SATS and also to international students taking the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes and student taking the dual track and the IP Programme.


Our MOE teachers are all current or ex school teacher or Junior College (JC) lecturer from top schools who are familiar with the examination format and school syllabus. We also have teachers who are trained in special needs for dyslexia, ADHD, autism to cater to all your tuition needs. As of now, we have thousands of school teacher registered with us.

Our Mission

To provide quality education by MOE current or ex school teacher only. We guarantee every parent that your child will be taught by current or ex MOE school teacher only.


Our Process

MOE Tutor Agency will study each and every tuition assignment and will provide to the parent on the best type of teacher available.  Our MOE teachers ( current or ex teacher) are from top primary and secondary schools and Junior Colleges who are familiar with the examination format and the school syllabus.

Each child is unique to 121 MOE Tutor Agency. We will find out from the parent on their concern and expectation and the student learning habits, current and past grades, their strength and weakness.  Our turnaround time is 24 hours to find the MOE school teacher /tutor for your child.


Our Guarantee

121 MOE Tutor Agency will assure and guarantee each parent that all our teachers are from Ministry of Education (MOE).  If the tutor recommended is not a MOE teacher, we will refund you the referral fee.



121 MOE Tutor Agency provides the following 1-1 Private home tuition


Type of MOE Teachers
  • Current MOE Teachers  (NIE Trained  ) or EX Teacher ( MOE Teacher who has left the teaching force) for all primary , secondary and junior college tuition
  • Gifted Programmes Teacher (GEP) who are offering home private tuition to gifted students who are challenged by knowledge, new concepts and skills in all disciplines.
  • Teacher providing home tuition for the IGCSE and IB Program from top local and international schools.
  • Teacher who are specially trained to provide home private tuition for the 6 years Integrated Programme (IP) to higher ability boys and girls.
  • Special Need teacher who are trained to coach and guide student with Dyslexia, ADHD and Autism.
  • Teacher who are expertise in English language for student taking the AEIS , IELTS and SATS test.
Subjects Available for Home Tuition


Primary School Tuition
English , Chinese , Malay, Tamil , Mathematics , Science,


Secondary School Tuition 
English , Chinese ,Malay ,Tamil,  A Maths, E Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, English Literature, Principle Of Accounts (POA) , Social Studies, Elements Of Business Studies (EBS) Design and Technology (D&T)


Junior College Tuition
General Paper, Knowledge & Inquiry, Chinese Language, Malay Language, Tamil Language,  Mathematics, Literature In English, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Geography. Chinese Studies, Principal of Accounting, Management of Business


IGCSE tuition and IB Tuition
Language A and Literature, Language B, Extended Essay (EE), English Literature, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) , MAA Mathematics,  Chemistry, Physic, Biology, Economics, Geography, History, Business studies . Accounting, Computer Studies.


Teacher/Tutor Hourly Rates

Category Pri 1 - 4 Pri 5 - 6 Sec 1 -2 / IP/ IGCSE Sec 3 -4 /IP/ IGCSE JC 1 -2 / IB
Current teacher $50 -$70 $50 - $90 S60 -$100 $70 - $150 $100 - $180
Ex teacher $40 -$60 $45 - $70 $50 - $80 $60 - $120 $ 90 - $160


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