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Special Needs Tuition by MOE special needs teacher

The number of students with special needs in mainstream school has increased and double in recent years. Most of them have mild special needs – autism, attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)  and dyslexia . They still can continue to remain in the mainstream school with the support of the schools and continue to learn well.  However, there are some severe special needs – would be better served in Sped schools where there is customised curriculum and long term specialised support.

Are you searching for MOE special needs teacher / tutor for your child? Then you have come to the right place. Over at 121 MOE tutor agency we provide MOE special needs teacher for your child.  These teachers are specially trained to coach and guide student with disabilities such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and others.

Our MOE special needs teacher will be able to provide the student

  • With customised curriculum caters to the student learning ability
  • Longer term specialised support
  • Happier learning environment at home
  • One to one attention focusing on the slow and weaker topics
  • Encourage two ways communication with the teacher
  • Extra remedial tuition lesson
  • Help in formulating ideas, concentrating and remembering

If your child is facing these…

  • Fail to understand basic concepts and fundamentals
  • Understand concepts and fundamentals but use the wrong answering techniques
  • Not getting full marks for test/exams questions
  • Has been learning harder but still cannot score higher marks

… then 1 -1 private tuition by MOE teacher is the best choice for your child. Do not wait till last minute.  Every child has only 1 attempt whether at PSLE , O or A level examination.

Come to the Singapore Number 1 tuition agency providing only MOE teachers. Whether current or ex teacher , 121 MOE tutor agency can provide you the best teacher available.

Engage a MOE current or ex teacher for your child now.


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121  MOE Tutor Agency is Singapore Number One and leading Agency in Singapore for Current and Ex School Teacher for private home tuition.

  • MOE School Teacher Guaranteed 121 MOE Tutor Agency only provide and recommend MOE current or ex school teacher for private tuition at your home. We will refund you the referral fee if the recommended tutor is not MOE current or ex teacher.
  • Trusted by Parent and Educators Our clients include MOE teachers, Foreign Parent especially from China, Company Directors and Principal of Private tuition centres.
  • Personalized Service We will call up the parent to find out their concern and expectation , the student personality and their strength and weakness
  • Our Turnaround Time is 24 Hours to find the MOE teacher /school tutor We have one of the biggest database for MOE current or ex school teacher. Over 5,500 teachers from primary , secondary, Junior College teachers and even polytechnic lecturers have registered with us since 2003.


Teacher/Tutor Hourly Rates


Pri 1 - 4Pri 5 - 6Sec 1 -2 / IP/ IGCSESec 3-4 /IP/ IGCSEJC 1 -2 / IB
Current teacher$50 -$70$50 - $90S60 -$100$70 - $150$100 - $180
Ex teacher$40 -$60$45 - $70$50 - $80$60 - $120$ 90 - $160

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