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IB H2 (HL /SL)  Maths Home Tuition by MOE Current/Ex School Teacher

Are you searching for MOE  IB (HL/SL) H2 maths tuition teacher for your child? Then you have come to the right place. Over at 121 MOE tutor agency we only provide MOE IB maths teacher providing individual attention for your child. All teaching materials and worksheets will be provided as well.


Our  IB H2 (HL/SL) maths tuition teacher will be able to provide the student

  • With the Latest IB (HL/SL) syllabus and curriculum
  • Acquire Problem solving skill
  • Heuristic problem sums solving
  • Solving higher thinking questions
  • Better competence in mathematics
  • Able to stretch to the fullest
  • Revise fundamentals
  • Refine and fine tune answering techniques
  • Entail interest in the subject matter
  • Answering question effectively
  • Both open ended and problem sums
  • Equip with the correct answering technique and
  • Solve problems effectively

If your child is facing these problems in school.

Fail to understand basic concepts and fundamentals

Understand concepts and fundamentals but use the wrong answering techniques

Not getting full marks for class test / exams.

Has been studying and learning harder but still cannot score higher marks

… then 1 -1 private tuition by 121 Tuition Agency is the best choice for your child. Do not wait till last minute.  Every child has only 1 attempt whether at PSLE , O or A level examination.

Come to the Singapore Number 1 tuition agency providing only MOE IB teachers. Whether current or ex teacher, 121 MOE tutor agency can provide you the best IB teacher available

Engage MOE IB school teacher for your child now.


Teacher Hourly Rates


Pri 1 to 4Pri 5 to 6Sec 1 /2 / IP/ IGCSESec 3/4 /IP/ IGCSEJC 1 /2 / IB
Current teacher$45 -$60$50 - $80S60 -$90$70 - $100$100 - $160
Ex teacher$40 -$60$45 - $60$50 - $90$60 - $100$ 80 - $160

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