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Are you searching for a IB tuition teacher / moe tutor for your child?  Over at 121 Tuition agency we only provide MOE IB current or ex teacher providing individual attention for your child.  All teaching materials and worksheets will be provided as well.

Our IB tutor or teacher are from top school including Anglo Chinese Independent (ACSI) , St joseph Institute (SJI) , The school of Arts (SOTA) ,  Hwa Chong International school (HCIS) and St joseph International school. These IB tuition teacher has been with 121 MOE tutor agency for more than a decade and has helped many student to excel in their studies.

Our IB MOE teacher will prepare student in all subjects Including Language A and Literature, Language B, Extended Essay (EE), English Literature, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) , MAA Mathematics,  Chemistry, Physic, Biology, Economics, Geography, History, Business studies . Accounting, Computer Studies.

  • An appreciation of the language and literature
  • Logical, critical and creative thinking skill from a range of text types and literacy forms
  • A better understanding on the formal, stylist and aesthetic qualities texts
  • Stronger power in expression both written and oral.
  • Communication skills effective listening skill and formulating arguments
  • Develop self-management skill and including organizational skill managing time and tasks
  • An appreciation of cultural differences.
  • Develop knowledge, concepts and principles
  • Refine powers of abstraction and generalization
  • Learn and explore concepts theories models and techniques
  • Explore of solutions to global questions

Come to the Singapore Number 1 tuition agency providing only MOE IB school teacher from top elite school. 121 Tuition Agency will provide you the best IB teacher available.

We also provide tuition for IGCSE programme as well. You can find the link here 


Teacher/Tutor Hourly Rates


Pri 1 - 4 Pri 5 - 6 Sec 1 -2 / IP/ IGCSE Sec 3-4 /IP/ IGCSE JC 1 -2 / IB
Current teacher $50 -$70 $50 - $90 S60 -$100 $70 - $150 $100 - $180
Ex teacher $40 -$60 $45 - $70 $50 - $80 $60 - $120 $ 90 - $160


What is International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a 2 year programme offered to student at Year 5 and 6.  School that offers this IB programme include Anglo Chinese Independent (ACSI), St Joseph Institute, School of the Arts (SOTA) .  Student is required to take 6 core subjects chosen from six group type , complete an extended essay (EE) , follow a theory of knowledge (TOK) and participate in creativity, activity and service (CAS).  Student have to take at least 3 subjects at higher level (HL)  and the rest at standard level (SL).


Group 1 Studies in Language and Literature Literature , Language and Literature
Group 2 Language Acquisition Chinese B, Malay B , Indian B
Group 3 Individuals and Society Economics, History, Geography
Group 4 Experimental Science Physic, Chemistry, Biology
Group 5 Mathematics MAA HL and SL Mathematics
Group 6 The Arts Music, Visual Arts


What are the 3 core elements that student needs to fulfil? They are:

1) Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a 1600 words essay assessed through an oral presentation and is mandatory to all students.

2) Extended essay  (EE) is an independent self direct piece of research to complete with a 4000 word paper.

3) Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the 3 element that every student must complete as part of the Diploma Programme.

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